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October 30, 2016

Dubbed as the “City of Golden Harvest”, Valencia City in Bukidnon has flourished in so many ways, say from its humble beginnings as a terrain of rice fields and green meadows (as I can still remember from one of my earliest memories), to the recent mushrooming of different business hubs and (what excites me most) of unexpectedly chic holes-in-the-wall. Indeed, this city is taking its course into potentially becoming one of the urban jungles of the country, changing its character from rustic countryside to urbane cityscape.

So just recently, I had the pleasure to once again visit this booming hometown of my mother to catch up with some of my relatives. And, I did not let the opportunity to slip onto my hands for trying the neo-cafés/restaurants that are gradually making their mark and changing the game of the local culinary scene in the city. I enlisted the top three neo-cafés/restaurants that you should not miss when visiting or even just passing by the city.

1. Red Beanery

Well, if you’re looking for the typical coffee shop ambiance and quietude, Red Beanery’s the best place for you. They serve a wide variety of finds, from coffees, teas, pasta, sandwiches, cakes, to rice meals and breakfast grubs. As for me, I’ve taken the delight of tasting the Iced Chai Latté, a perfect quencher for those who wants that Indian feels and, at the same time, the buzz brought by that shot of latté. They also offer a generous slice of chocolate moist cake that will surely make your dieting a wishful shrinking.
At night, the café turns into some kind of bar which offers a variety of imported beers. Red Beanery is located at Bonifacio - Mangkila Streets, Valencia City. 

2. Beau's Café

This American-diner-type of café is known for its monster-sized smoothies in a mason jar topped with every knick knack possible (and of course edible!) from cookies, syrups, chocolate bars, to ice cream cones. Adorned with wall murals, vinyl records and phonographs, containing yourself in some kind of retro/hipster interiors, this place will surely be your regular “tambayan”. They also serve monster-sized burgers (which could definitely compete with other burger chains in the metro), pizzas, milk teas, and sundaes. If Red Beanery’s a place for a me-time and Manna and Quail’s for a family treat, then, Beau’s is for the hang-out place of the barkada. Visit them at Left Wing, SAIT New Building, Roxas Street, Valencia City. 

3. Manna & Quail

The main event, the main course, the main for everything goes to this café/restaurant. As a certified citizen of the “sweet tooth republic”, this place is indeed a glee with its rich menu of desserts, cakes, and refreshments that will surely tickle your fancy. The anatomy of the place is all but “pop”, from its American-style rustic interiors, genuine hospitality of its staffs, to the collection of beloved Filipino dishes that will make you feel at home. And when you say home-cooked meals, this place offers a type of nostalgia in a very modern experience, making you want to just take it easy and indulge in the delight brought by good food, accompanied by people who truly matter. This haven is located at Purok 8, Sayre Highway, Bagontaas, Valencia City.

So next time you visit or pass by Valencia City, never forget to treat yourself with any of these cafés or restaurants, and you will experience a noteworthy local culinary adventure at a very affordable price.

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