Good Morning Neighbor!

April 4, 2017

Last February 27, I received a direct message from the Instagram account of Mercedes Bakery, informing me about winning their #GoodMorningNeighbor contest. The good news was just delighting considering that those who joined were vying for a thousand bucks worth of gift cards. This also means a thousand bucks worth of Mercedes Bakery goodies!
Kahayag Coffee is one of the new offerings of Mercedes Bakery’s newly opened JR Borja Extension branch. They partnered with local coffee farmers from Bukidnon to brew the perfect coffee beans for your perfect mornings!
Another delight in every engagement is ice cream ;). And, Nenecitas Sorbetes got this covered for us. Mr. Crumble spoiled us with the avocado flavor. This homemade ice cream gives a classic good o’l days hint and nostalgia, best paired with other baked grubs from Mercedes.

Being a good neighbor is about sharing good conversations and good food. And, my #GoodMorningNeighbor experience with Mercedes Bakery, together with Mr. Mejia, is truly a stretch of gladdening treats and talks as good as neighbors do. Visit them at their JR Borja Extension, Gusa, and Robinsons CDO branches

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