Think Up, Lighten Up

May 16, 2017

For the past two weeks, I have been out of town for an internship in line with my course’s curriculum. It was actually a trip full of uncertainties, a new city, new set of people, and new experiences to be unraveled. Spending two weeks out of my comfort zone is definitely not my type of diversion but luckily as I tried to compromise on things which I cannot and will never control, I have got to come through hastily and effortlessly.

The fast-paced, hectic demand of my Davao internship is an amalgam of ups and downs. Mostly, I get to feel relief and fulfillment. At times, I tire out and be dispirited. Fortunately, the fast-paced days were at my own advantage. The day for our rest and recreation has finally arrived. Though the less than eight hours of such was petty and brief, all I considered was to become jovial; seize the moment as it is.

To satiate my inner frustrations and to de-stress from the emotional, mental, and physical baggage of my internship, café hopping was my solaced way of taking it easy. But the supposed to be café hopping was toned down into visiting only one hole-in-the wall due to time constraints (talk about 6 pm curfews *sighs*). Nevertheless, the only café I have visited in Davao was definitely worthwhile. Think Up just has everything I look for a place with a homey, respite vibe.

Both a perfect place for either hitting the books or finding a breathing space, Think Up just gave me the beam and gusto I needed that time.

They offer a variety of treats from coffee and blends, non-coffee-based drinks to sandwiches and Soul Kitchen finds.

Thank God for the invention of GPS. The best way to stroll on an unfamiliar city is to use the handy maps from your smartphones, reliable and saves up your time.

Davao City is a cradle of the chicest and reckonable cafés you can find, but alas for me, time constraints had been my weakest link. Disappointment aside, if I were to be asked for any recommendations, Think Up should certainly be one of the firsts from your itinerary in your Davao food crawl/café hopping. Surely, it is a place to lighten things up. Think Up is situated at Unit 3, Bldg 83, JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. 

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