Reliving #ViVid at The Nest

June 8, 2017

Whenever asked about what initially inspired me to start up this, I’d give you the same answer over and over again: “the  David Guison and Vina Guerrero meet-up.” This splendidly unforgettable experience took place last June 10, 2016. Both lifestyle bloggers, this power couple of the industry seems to be the ultimate #RelationshipGoals, from their travels abroad to their complementing OOTDs.

Instagram was, by all means, the medium that have facilitated my interest to be even fonder to art and aesthetics. Before deciding to finally put up a blog, I was just a mere Instagram follower of the most sought after social media influencers of the Philippines. As the forms of media evolve, seeing their everyday posts was like seeing an everyday magnum opus, with a translation of a well turned-out and relatable candidness as backstory for each post. After all, it is the marketing of the new media.
Some may adore or envy them for their privileges or their instant celebrity statuses which we only superficially witness through each post. However, as we appreciate and interpret their contents further, they are also people within reach who share their art through a newly progressive avenue, social media.
My appreciation for each content they bring about led me to join the then soon-to-be-opened The Nest in their re-gram contest. Winning their re-gram contest was, I thought, a stroke of luck. Never had the expectation to win at all, I even made other plans before another academic semester would begin that year. But as Douglas Adams says, “[You] seldom end up where [you] wanted to go, but almost always end up where [you] need to be.”
Along with my co-winners, The Nest prepared a banquet-like table in their French-inspired restaurant, Maison de Bonbon. They let us try their scrumptious dishes from their menu even before their then awaited opening. After the delectable meal, the #ViVid couple (a portmanteau word from their first names Vina and David), then answered queries about blogging and lifestyle. They shared how they met each other and what kept them busy before and during their blogging stints. Moreover, they also imparted on how they edit their photos and how they work on their blogs and other commitments.

Meeting the #ViVid couple was more likely a “barkada” bonding; sharing a hearty meal, then lots of chit-chats and chaffs, and finally, an almost unending photo ops. They were very accommodating and warm that they even signed an autograph of a friend of mine who didn’t make the cut. The two is a perfect a balance of “kulit” and earnestness.

The splendidly unforgettable #ViVid experience placed me on an atmosphere of contentment and fulfillment. I did not only meet one of the country’s most #RelationshipGoals couple, I also made new friends and enthused to be inclined into blogging. As I cite David Guison when asked about starting a blog, he emphasized that it is important to set into your mind that never blog because of the perks you get from it, blog because you have the passion for it. And, whenever you have the passion for it, you’ll find time to hone and work on it.

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