Creativity and Passion in a Cup

December 18, 2017

A bowerbird is an avian specie that is noted for building elaborate structures for courtship. These elaborate structures are built by male bowerbirds in an attempt to establish romantic affinity among female bowerbirds. They are native to Australia and the New Guinea. These somewhat adroit and artisanal acts of a male bowerbird can certainly inspire many artists, content creators, or just anyone who likes to put pieces together into becoming an embellished upshot of woven imaginations and ideas. And, this act of craftsmanship has set the inspiration behind Bowerbird Coffee.
This café at the emerging uptown Cagayan de Oro is the brainchild of the CDO-based barista and photographer Che Roa. This cozy, humble nook is a throng of trinkets such as visuals made by local artists, wooden furnishings, quaint coffee sets, among others. Ornaments which round out each other in creating an entirety manifest how this cafe reprises a bowerbird putting every piece together to attract a mate, while in this instance, the café goers. Indeed, it is an awe-inspiring, unpretentious space of collectives where you can just grab and enjoy a cup of coffee while being stirred with the straightforward amenities.
If the amusements brought by the likes of Chingkee Tea is for milk tea lovers, Bowerbird Coffee is for those caffeine enthusiasts.
Bowerbird Coffee accentuates its goal on the Third Wave Coffee movement. This pertains to the high regard and appreciation to coffee and all that it entails, focusing on the subtleties of flavor, provenance, and the process. In other words, it is viewing coffee as an artisanal comestible, rather than a mere commodity.
Among the coffees one can find in this café are espresso, Americano, café latte,  café mocha, café tablea, Spanish latte, hazelnut latte, and 100% Arabica. They also serve pastries and cakes from concessionaires.

Be inspired with creativity and passion in a cup and experience the collection of trinkets brought by hints of quaintness and third wave coffee at Bowerbird Coffee. This must-visit nook is located at Lane 101 Building F, Stall # 7, Masterson’s Ave., Upper Carmen Cagayan de Oro and is open 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

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