Giving Oneself a Break

December 2, 2017

My continuous search for good food and aesthetic nooks has always been in my system. Indeed, in life’s constant dramas and vile uncertainties, all we crave for are to take photos, drink coffee, travel the world, and meet new people. In case the vividness brought by life, unresolved by ends and hopes, still feels overwhelming, all we root for is to find a respite and to take a deep breath. So, I did! Spoiling yourself once in a while or taking a quick break in rewarding yourself for simply keeping to hold is never bad at all. 

And, the only thing that keeps me thrilled, nowadays, (Yes! You’ve guessed it right!) is to discover new places inspiring enough to be made as a content.
The newly opened Double Bubble Laundromat Café is another solace found in downtown Cagayan de Oro. It is a pretty new concept forging in the city, a café plus a laundromat! Who would not want a coffee shop breather alongside being productive such as reading a book or doing washing errands? Undeniably, the rush brought by the contemporary lifestyle compels everybody to be as multifaceted and as all-around as possible.
As multifaceted and as all-around as its target customers, Double Bubble Laundromat Café does offer a variety of finds. Of course, they would not fall short on their forte, caffeine. They serve hot drinks such as au latte, amaretto, cappuccino, matcha, and toffeenut, as well as cold coffee, frappes and smoothies. These finds are perfect to complement while reading either classics or modern genres or just about anything to suit up your vibe or liking.
They also serve hearty meals from pastas to Filipino staples. Dishes include carbonara, spaghetti, chicken curry, calamares, cordon bleu, pork barbecue, bistek Pinoy, among others.

In order to keep raising the bar, one needs a me-time to either regain one’s energies, reflect on life’s significant snippets, or simply experience a breath of fresh air from the usual habits. It is absolutely up to scratch to lay low a day or two to experience anew and count one’s blessings, after all, that is what weekends, holidays, sabbaticals, or day-offs are for. If you’re looking for respite and a quick refuge, visit Double Bubble Laundromat Café at No. 5 Ground Floor, LK Building, Rizal Street, Gaston Park, Barangay 1, Cagayan de Oro. Operating hours are from 10 am to 10 pm. 

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