Into the Dreamland

December 19, 2017

Fairy tales, mythologies, legends. Anyone could name a few as each culture stemming from various social standards and systems of belief have their own share of such fascinatingly intricate and deliberately interrelated rhetoric which, most of the time, are either mere whims and fancies or results of playful imaginations and curiosities. These narratives were given precedence especially in the times when scientific bases and logical reasoning were on their premature foundations. These were the only resorts of people, as rational beings as we are, who need some sense of explanation. May it be impractical or convenient reckoning, undeniably, they’ve been a part of our mores.
Perhaps, entertainment and pop culture have greatly contributed to their precipitous popularity, such as unicorns and medieval princesses becoming a fad, attracting a lot of cult following. Incontestably, humans have an innate ability to synthesize ideas and imaginations. From Plato’s The Divided Line to sheer films and series we love to grab a popcorn with, the land of dreams is a vast place of unknown subtleties and experiences where anything is possible as long as the rational mind of men works.
As trendy as these wildest dreams and imaginations, certain establishments try to feed one’s voracious appetite for an air of mystique through gimmicks like derived foodstuffs, collectibles, and first-hand involvements. One of which is Sugar Rush Dream Café. The first unicorn-themed café in the city offers a new kind of dining experience. It is a hoard of everything unicorn and anything that goes with it.
I and my cousin went back down memory lane to childhood fancies where everything was just carefree and colorful. What makes this café unique is that it does not just present you an array of anything unicorn, it lets you become one by lending its customers unicorn onesies, adding to a whole new different experience into the dreamland.
Along with taking a lot of blithe snapshots and selfies that can make one’s eyes satiated, make your stomach full with different fares they offer. They serve classic appetizers such as buffalo wings and chicken nuggets, rice meals, pastas, sandwiches, gourmet coffees, milk shakes, frappes, milk teas, juices, and specialty cakes.

One can never refuse how an air of mystique amazes us far from the prosaism sometimes brought by routines. It is in wandering into the vast dreamland that we gradually find ourselves. We wander through imaginations, ideas, and curiosities. Wander and let your imaginations work at Sugar Rush Dream Café. It is located at 399 Vamenta Boulevard, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro. They are open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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