New Year's Day Made Extra Special

January 7, 2018

Isn’t it so consoling that at some point in a year, we can solace in the idea of starting over again? Of new beginnings, of fresh starts, and of clean slates? Some may regard it as a social construct or a regular day provided with sublime importance, subjugated by capitalist agenda or anything you might perceive it with. But, c’mon being a social construct doesn’t make it any less real nor less important! It’s that time of the year when sleeping late seems to be one of the most fulfilling things or the illumined towns are still jovial even at 3 a.m.
The New Year is not about lickpenny commercialism or grandiose blowouts; it is a moment of reflections, of once again regaining all your energies for the approaching year, and of being with the people you treasure the most.
In some way, our family tries to make the welcoming of the New Year an intimate and a reprieving one. After being a night owl for sleeping late just to catch that glorious 12 a.m. tick in the clock, we made the day extra special by indulging into the serene and lush Lake Apo at Valencia City, Bukidnon. Becoming our backcloth for the New Year’s Day, Lake Apo is a crater of a dormant volcano frequented by both local and foreign tourists (Thanks to various television features).
The main activity in the lake is dawdling with your significant others by renting bamboo raft cottages, available at different rates per hour. One can go picnicking with the seemingly unrelenting holiday left-overs. It’s a perfect way of leveling up al fresco meals by drifting through the emerald waters.
One can also let some fishing rods from the locals, swim his heart out (Just be ready with you safety gears, as the water’s depth is estimated to be between 70 to 80 ft.), or candidly catch up with the happenings of the year that has been. The nearby resort, Lake Apo Timeless Distinction Place, also offers other activities such as kayaking, jetskiing, and horseback-riding.

Whatever we may acquaint the New Year’s Day, may it be scientific inclinations, clean slates, or just an ordinary day, one way or another, it offers some kind of luster especially those people on the edge and just want to give up. It gives a certain transcendental rejuvenation, enough to make a meaningful impact in the concrete world and in many people’s lives. It is a day to spend with the people you love and you value the most, with the time that has been so swift. So, wishing you guys a great year ahead, full of good fortune and a big slice of success!

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