Siargao's Best: Side Excursions

April 3, 2018

From the influx of tourists, both local and foreign, Siargao Island makes one’s tropical fantasies into somewhat luxuriant reality. Ergo, scores of activities, worth getting out of bed, and sundry scenery, unmissable for their pure beauties, are available for each and everyone, at sometimes for free! Going around Siargao helps one to explore that there is more to Siargao than surfing and the night life (Though, these are still to be reckoned with). It offers a cosseting sense that the island has a place for each and everyone’s interests.

The side excursions have a consistent theme that counts on the island’s lush forests, crystalline waters, and a powder-soft stretch of beach fronts. From the famed surfing spot and rock pools, to the free-of-charge public beaches, Siargao does not fall flat from the thrills and retreat it commendably reprises.

Cloud 9

This abode for surfers and beach lovers, alike, is recognized for its tantalizing waves, considering it is situated at the open edge to the Pacific Ocean. One can also freely whet their wanderlust souls along the three-story boardwalk while appreciating the soothing sea breeze and breath-taking, laid-back scenes from the viewing decks. Should you wish to level up your surfing skills, you can take lessons for 500 pesos per hour.

Magpupungko Beach and Rock Pools

Crafted by nature’s intensive, unremitting oeuvre, this natural wonder in the Pilar town can be reached by land for 45 minutes from General Luna proper. It is named after the unpretentious, scene-stealing rock formations situated atop from the other. The rock pools are best experienced during the low tides only (Time to check on those calendars and forecasts). It has also a natural jumping spot, another rock formation where one can initiate the momentum to dive and splash into the 20 feet, jade pool.

Malinao Beach and Janoyoy Island

Should you wish to escape from the busy coastlines of the commercial districts of General Luna, this public beach might conform to your standards. Its pristine strand along the shore and calm waters work best for kayaking and swimming. An added treat is the near-by tear-drop shaped Janoyoy Island. Home to various flora and fauna, the island can be tirelessly reached on foot from the Malinao beachfront during low tides. Hence, sojourning into this area is like hitting two birds with one stone.

These sites will surely complete your dream getaway in this island, noteworthy to be called a paradise. Siargao gives no impression of dull remoteness, as it presents a wallowing excitement and idylls of gallivanting, where you’ll get tired pleasurably and succumb onto your bed with incisive recollections.

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