Between Boundaries

August 13, 2018

Bukidnon has always been my second home. It has been the most convenient and quickest escape from home when circumstances tend to demand for a tad of a breather or when I, myself, call for a simple shift from difficult instances to a brisk atmosphere. The province does constantly take me aback with the diversity that it unswervingly mesmerizes to every person who visit it. From the ever gratifying dip to its cold springs and the exhilarating climbs along its lush mountain ranges, to the warm accommodation brought by its delish treats and its friendly locals, Bukidnon always presents a different kind of adventure that makes you want to come back over and over again.

I, together with some relatives, once again journeyed the winding road that leads us to the boundary between Bukidnon and Davao City. It’s like catching two birds with one stone! Colloquially called the BuDa (stands for Bukidnon-Davao) Road, this area is known for its cool climate, seemingly likened to the one in Baguio. Aside from claiming the name Baguio of the South, it is quite a refuge as resorts are already available along the highways to welcome tourists who want to get a taste of what this side of Bukidnon has to offer. The road trip took us about two hours from Valencia City to our first stop among the three.

The Overview Park

This is one of the iconic sites in the BuDa road where you will get a 360-degree view of the winding path that is considered the gateway to Davao City from Northern Mindanao. With its picturesque vista, this viewing deck is a favorite stop-over among tourists. On the other hand, figures, crafted by the DavaoeƱo artist, Kublai Millan, further made the place more interesting as it gives a considerable touch of the culture and mores of the ethnic communities of Mindanao. The best way to showcase slope’s beauty? No other than selfies and panoramas.

Bemwa Farm

The second stop to our itinerary is this private farm, where we dropped in for a while to grab lunch. The farm has been once in the hype due to its offering of unadulterated farming experience, matched with the laidback, cool breeze of the mountains. The farm is known as the leading producer of fresh and organic produce such strawberries, lettuce, and herbs in Davao City. The main attraction in this place is the opportunity to harvest some finds straight from the farm. Inside their mini store, products which include packed lettuces and strawberries, ice creams, chocolates, and dressings and vinaigrettes under the name, Great Harvest, are sold.

Seagull Mountain Resort

We finally wrapped up this half-day journey in this famed resort. Of course, anyone who is familiar with the spots in Bukidnon knows that Seagull Mountain Resort comes with the territory. Visiting the place will never be disappointing since it tenders a variegated array of activities. Situated atop 4,200 feet above sea level, the resort is quite the ideal setting for respite; to just simply indulge in the tranquility of the mountain ranges and to temporarily nestle into the splendor of nature. Besides being mollycoddled into your warm blankets and being basked in the Baguio-esque mountain breeze, one can also enjoy activities such as dipping into their natural pools located beside a waterfall (That if you could manage the cold!), giving your best shot in their golf course, camping with some pals, or just candidly strolling around the whole property. Also, they are starting to add more amenities such as a playground for kids and more quaint accommodations.

Communing with nature has never been this involved since almost everything that seem to surround us with the hassles and bustles of the urban jungle. At times, we just want to briefly move away from everything that begets stress and frustrations and they are indeed everywhere. It’s a no no-brainer. Thus, making an effort for yourself or for the people you treasure now requires time and planning. And, the BuDa area is certainly worth your consideration.

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