A Menagerie of Things

August 3, 2019

Thailand is probably one of the best places to revel in the exquisite experience of third wave coffee movement, especially in the cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, as they are known for brewing their locally sourced coffee beans. And, when I say “experience,” third wave coffee is more than just sipping a cup of latte or marveling on the deliberate process of brewing coffee. This experience has transcended into both a lifestyle and an art. Acclimatizing into the movement mean appreciating the drink, the process, the coffee place, and everything that goes with it. Definitely, Bangkok’s cafes put on a show, with each one emulating its own style and offering a menagerie of things, such as the likes of Phak Crafts and Café.

Their high-regard for the quality of coffee and food the serve is not the only reason which excites me most about Bangkok’s cafes, but also the well-thought-out compositions of shops they put up, from the interiors and the fixtures to little trinkets like accents and dinnerware. Thus, Bangkok should be one of the places under your radar for café hopping. Just the goal of simply touring around coffee shops is enough to visit this Southeast Asian gem. One of the areas to visit if you want to catch as many good caffeine bars as the time permit is Thong Lo. It is known to for its compendium of either chic or hipster places to get your daily coffee fix.

Phak Crafts and Café has recently opened last 2018 and social media posts have attracted the crowd for what the place has to offer. The shop is part-boutique, part-café. Downstairs, the minimalist design welcomes patrons to such cozy and calming ambiance. It serves some heartwarming food and drinks, such as artisan coffees, teas, and milk, croissants, and hors d’oeuvres. The presentation of its dishes and desserts which include Beeter Rocker (roasted beet, roasted mushroom, cherry tomato, red radish, beet crumble, beet puree, and white cheese salad), Egg & Tomato Fondue (signature tomato sauce and organic egg with slices of bread), Wake Up in the Middle East (poached egg, sweet potato, Haloumi cheese, cherry tomato, cucumber, white cheese, honey, and red amaranth), and Less is Gold (flourless cake with gold leaf, seasonal fruits, crumble and whip cream) is a remarkable plus. While, a space upstairs seems to allude of an artist’s nook. The second floor sells various accessories, novelty items, and garments, to complete your boho-chic Bangkok look.

Phak Crafts and Café is located at 1 Soi Sukhumvit 51, Khlong To Nuea, Wattana District, Bangkok, Thailand. It’s just a few walks away from BTS station Thong Lo, Exit 2. They are open Tuesday to Sundays, from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm.

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