Heydays of October: A Visual Journal

October 31, 2020

I have always wondered on what the end game of all upheavals brought by this pandemic is. It is as if we are trapped in an abyss, with little to no resolution or with a bleak hint of redemption at the end. This year I was supposedly planning to visit Taiwan for my birthday and experience the wonders of Taipei and the colors of Taichung. But, as anyone else would say as they would reminisce their cancelled trips and unrealized plans, the corona happened. Instead of fretting over wasted times from this existential impasse and certain vacillations on productivity, my family and I decided to go to the beach after almost 7 months of mere house-and-errands routine. The whiff of seawater strewn by the sea breeze, the warmth of fine grains of sand exposed under the October sun, the array of potluck foods made more appetizing by the views of the sweeping horizon, and the dear experience of familial company and of a placid weekend are the inspirations of this visual journal. It is an ode to the good times and everything that goes with it. 

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