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December 20, 2016

Oftentimes, we see Western-style restaurants burgeoning in the bustling urban jungles of Cagayan de Oro. Well, Cucina Higala has a different take on things. Interiors were inspired from the Filipino-type of festivities and a retrospective soppiness of being “at home”. The au courant heritage designs are even made more sophisticated by its vintage fixtures and pieces and, of course, a menu of beloved Filipino and Kagay-anon dishes. 

What I Got for Lunch?

Thank God for my crazy and huge appetite. I got the pleasure to be satiating my taste buds with my all-time favorites, Kare-kare and Chicken Inasal. And in all fairness, the grubs were all worth the penny. The Kare-kare offers a generous share of everything, from perfectly blanched vegetables, tender ox tail and ox tripe, to the creamy annatto and peanut butter-based sauce. Adding more to the complementing of flavors are their homemade bagoong and eggplant tempura on sides.  The Kare-kare was just exuding with flavors from its diverse ingredients and side dishes. On the other hand, the Chicken Inasal was already succulent on its own way but the homemade barbecue sauce and atchara made it more special. Indeed, a perfect balance from the fusion of umami and sweet tastes.

Perfect Endings

Who does not want a dessert to end such bountiful meal that makes your tummy happy? The sizzling binaki topped with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream was definitely a hit. It was probably one of the two best desserts (one was Manna & Quail’s Lava Cake) I have tried in my entire life (forgive me for the sensationalized hyperbole). Aside from the heavenly sizzles it entices you when served, as a sweet tooth, this interesting dessert concept just melts in the mouth, enthusing you to be simply laid-back.

Without a doubt, Cucina Higala offers one of the best dining experience you can acquire here in the city. It offers a fresh, new take from the fast-paced and modern ambiance most restaurants propound. The price might be an issue if you’re on a tight budget, but if you’re looking for good food, good place, and good vibe, it is worth the try and maybe worth coming back. As for me, I’ll definitely come back for there are still other local fares to be experienced and to be mesmerized with the cozy place and the sumptuous food. Cucina Higala is located at Capistrano-Mabini Streets, Cagayan de Oro. They open from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 10 pm.

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