More Than Just Art

July 15, 2018

I just graduated from college and the twists of fate have quite overwhelmed me, both pleasantly and repulsively. There’s always two sides of the coin, right? When you graduate, you become free from all the academic responsibilities, yet, you become fully exposed to the realities of this damned world, as you were previously sheltered by the four walls of your classroom. Circumstances may be too much engulfing, but the point is, it is you who have a hold over your stability, your fate. So, I go to see cafés as a form of a breather. Recently, The Studio Art Café opened its doors and the social media photos were inviting enough for me to try the place.
Judging from the name, itself, the place gives a “were offering more than just food, were offering a lifestyle” kind of impression. And, so it was! I mean social media shaped the competition among businesses. The most Instagrammable places become the most sought after spots. Call it the vanity of this generation, the millenials, others will consider it as an opportunity – a shift in their marketing strategy. The ones with the freshest ideas attract the more people. And, this café used art through murals and furnishings on point at their advantage. 
One notable piece was a wall vibrantly painted with a mellow image and an eye-catching calligraphy. Truly, there’s more to art than just a humdrum exhibition. There is self-expression. Thus, I find it as a very moving and a pleasure-seeking one, at the same time.
Adding to their nicety as a remarkable café is their display of live plants. I was just amazed by this act since I’m used to places with decorative plants made of plastics. Aside from those, the ambiance is also flattered with the respite brought by the tones of pastel colors used. 
They serve hot/brewed and iced coffees, milk shakes, milk teas, lemonades, pancakes, pastas, spicy ramen, fries n’ nachos, and sandwiches. Meanwhile, I treated myself with their tuna in olive oil pasta and iced pink latte. The pasta, cooked al dente, was a winner for its complementing flavors of basil and olive oil. A chic place and some options of good food at the most reasonable and student-friendly prices, what more could you ask?

To get the best out of cafés, I often ask in advance for their opening time. I deem that such is an opportunity to relish in the uncrowdedness of the place, to get as much pictures as I want, and to experience the amenities of the place all to myself. Hence, try out The Studio Art Café as they open everyday from 10 am to 8:30 pm. They are located at 3rd Floor, Marcos Building, Corrales Ave., Cagayan de Oro.

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