In Coffeholic We Trust

May 29, 2017

“In Coffeeholic We Trust,” these are the words engraved on the modest counter in one of the local coffee shops here in the city, none other than, Coffeeholic. As the name conveys, Coffeeholic is an unruffled refuge for those folks who wanted a contrasting place from what the bustling urban jungle offers. Coffee shops give a glimpse of reprieve that the world has long been depriving us from. As I quote myself, “In this nefarious world, a café, alongside good conversations, is enough.”
Coffee shops optimistically engage me into introspection, a solipsism of my life, of the current affairs, and of those people surrounding me. In the hurtling era of decadence and self-regard, there is no other way but letting the revulsions of reality permeate into your mind and ponder on the actions to be taken, if you are compelled at all, or just be passively permissible, seeing the world and your life maneuvered by something omnipotent force we call fate or destiny.
A warm mug of macchiato, a beloved succor of mine, offers a sense of reprieve through its amiable saccharinity. In return, this sense of reprieve inexplicably provides a sense of vividness and complexity of life, that at some point, all of us are interrelated in one way or another. 
May it be sanguinity or melancholy that life may bring, a café, with all its finds, never fails to harbor us into an amniotic tranquility. After all, everyone deserves that break.

The adage, “In Coffeeholic We Trust,” is similar to having our own version of events. A complete mystery to someone might be a complete certainty to the other. It does not just confer what Coffeholic offers but it translates into words our dependability on what all coffee shops generally incite, that is, awareness of reality, that everything is not just what it is; a cramming for an upcoming exam, an enthusiasm to close that deal, or simply, an uplifting catching up with a peer may be that reality. Irrefutably, everything is a part of a bigger picture waiting to be perceived and to be deciphered as we understand ourselves and the world around us.

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