Great Mornings Ahead

April 6, 2017

Mornings and breakfasts are just some of the most important parts of our day not worthy of oblivion. These are just so essential that they may be vital on how we face each day with bliss. Almost all of us may have difficulties in welcoming our ventures for each new day or just entertaining our remarkably annoying alarm clocks. Then, what better way to start great mornings other than frowning from the morning blues? Nothing but a hearty, good meal.  A good meal to start the hassles and bustles is the only certain remedy to refuel our inner fervor.
Cagayan de Oro’s homegrown Missy Bonbon, with its newly revamped entirety, may be one of the reasons that excites us more in whatever part of the day. Or, should I say as great as mornings do. Missy Bonbon temporarily closed its door and then reopened last February. The new Missy Bonbon gave me some excitement knowing that its dining area is bigger and, of course, more Instagram-worthy. The design still has the touch of the old MBB but there were more seats and tables and glossier furnishings. Aside from the physical overhaul, MBB also added more savory dishes to its menu, an extension from their pastries, cakes, gelati, and all-day breakfast meals, which they are already known for.

What I Got for Brunch?

Taking brunches may not be my thing but I guess it’s definitely worth the try when Missy Bonbon got you accommodated. Since, I would be taking two large meals in one, I indulged on their All Beef Up and Le Cordon Bleu. The All Beef Up was just everything beef lovers would want. Gravy, melted cheese, and soft and tender beef cuts melting in your mouth. You could also choose between mashed potatoes or rice to pair up the dish. Honestly, I couldn’t resist the charm of the perfect balance of tastes offered by the dish, making it the first thing you should try when dining in MBB. On the other hand, the Le Cordon Bleu presents a kind serve of bread crumb-coated chicken with cheese and ham inside. It also has a salad on sides. Since I’m not really fan of salads, my only concern with the dish is the awkwardly inadequate gravy, which I am not certain if refilling would be possible. The gravy was the one that made the meat creamier and richer.
Our meal was then completed by their chocolate cake and rainbow cake. The chocolate cake had the right level of sweetness while the rainbow cake can be delighted more when trying all the different layers with different colors and flavors at once.

As vital as the mornings go, taking some extra effort to make our meals more special is a must. This doesn’t mean taking extra time for preparing but allotting some time to enjoy it such as the convenience brought by dining at the new Missy Bonbon. The mornings or just any part of the day is even made better and greater with the new Missy Bonbon. It offers a new set of delish experiences on the same feature as it was before. The main branch of Missy Bonbon is located at Rosario Drive, Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City.

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