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May 31, 2017

As the season turns over a new leaf, all but memories and glee are kept. Though coining the season as “summer” is a misnomer (Technically, in the tropics, it should be regarded as dry season), everyone is just purely thrilled to frolic and to keep the scorching heat at bay whenever the summer weather invigorates. Summer of 2017 swoons me as the experiences of the season brought a roller coaster of emotions, from my literally crazy Davao internship to the series of fulfilling adventures, all imprinted on the limbic system of my mind.

For three listless years, some commitments (talk about obligatory summer classes and extended hospital duties)divested me from totally enjoying what summer has in store. Fortunately, this year, more time and opportunities are vested, grabbing these beyond doubt. After all, it is time to cut myself some slacks for new trails and environments.

Unexpectedly, I have found a great commune with nature. Almost all of the places I have been this season involve being one with bestowed creations, the exhilarating hike to Mount Capistrano and the cheap thrills of water resorts.

Hotel de Susanna and Resort

A retreat within the mountain ranges of Bukidnon, this place is known for its inviting pool area. Swimming is an activity I will forever take delight in. All you have to do is splash and forget all the doubts and anxiety for a time.

Mount Capistrano

Though not as aesthetically pleasing as I was expecting (Reminder: When travelling leave nothing but memories not trashes), the sense of conquering one of Bukidnon’s famous peaks is purely fulfilling. Appreciating and pondering on the silver linings of an experience is what this is all about.

Utra Winds Mountain Resort

The serenity of the mountain along with its infinity pool facing the Cagayan de Oro skyline hallmarks this place. A noteworthy spare time is better with a notion of fambam; nevertheless, family chit-chats and eating al frescoes are a breath of fresh air.

Thanks to this blog I have grown more venturesome, having the audacity in exploring more of the world and being eager to find remarkable contents to snap, write, and share about. The year is still far from over and I am looking forward to more escapes 2017 will unravel in the upcoming months.

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