Siargao's Best: Island Hopping

April 2, 2018

The tranquil island of Siargao, facing the rushing waters of the western Pacific Ocean, is known as a surfing haven for water aficionados around the world; becoming more well-known through regularly held competitions, and of course, through its natural beauty. Indeed, there is more in Siargao than meets the eye. It has earned its own place on the upper echelon of the must-visit paradises from the 7,107 islands of the country. It has been praised not just as a surfing haven, but also as a cradle of picture-perfect outlying islands. Probably, island hopping would be the most efficient way to tour oneself and to indulge into the beauty Siargao has to offer.
The best way to way to sail through the turquoise waters of Siargao is through the island’s premier luxury bangka, Galatea. This luxury bangka has a capacity of 12 pax, perfect for barkadas or family trips, just as how this trip went by. Galatea, living up to its branding, boasts a more comfortable and more spacious accommodation among island goers (Talk about a waterbed and wider benches to sit on board!). This amenity alone would satisfy a hassle-free experience during the island hopping.

Guyam Island

The first place to be ticked off our list is this uninhabited island. This has been the best place among the three wherein one can delight through its calm waters to swim. The serenity of this island is best complemented by its tropical ambiance brought by coconut trees and rock formations along the beachfront.

Daku Island

The name says it all; Daku, the biggest among the three islands, is actually an outlying barangay of the General Luna town. It has a blossoming community where one can stop by for lunch prepared by the locals, themselves. Huts are available to feast in your island-themed fares. One can also go with the tides, since during our visit, big waves were so inviting to frolic with.

Naked Island

Something lewd about the name? Not at all! The island is labelled as such based from its topographic nature of the absence of trees or other significant features. It is as plain as a barren land, thus goes with the name. The island is perfect for that drone shots and sultry summer poses.

With this brief stay in Siargao, the island and its other outlying areas have captured my heart right away. Literally, it’s what I call, “Love at first sight!” It has this sense of pristine rawness of an island life, far from the more commercial overtones brought by other famous tourist-laden destinations in the country. There is beauty in Siargao’s simplicity. Let’s just hope it stays that way and the government will be politically willed enough to take its part, of course, in coordination with both local and foreign travelers and residents.

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