Defining Spaces

July 9, 2018

Chingkeetea has been the pioneer in introducing Taiwanese milk tea in the city. It has long been the go-to-shop of the milk tea fad, which it started out at a “small but quirky milk tea shop inside Marfori Compound.” Aside from the perfectly prepared, authentic Taiwanese milk teas, befitting for each and everyone’s mood and penchant, this teahouse is known for its well-refined and intricately thought out interiors, adding to the one of a kind tea time experience. I mean who isn’t basked in with accurately furnished designs while sipping a cup of tea, right?
Interiors, alone, compel myself to visit a cafĂ©, restaurant, museum, or open house. Honestly, these little things make my heart grow fonder. There’s always a certain degree of treat when I visit such places, a notion that great minds are behind each showcase as their personalities and inclinations become reflective of each space they create.
Chingkeetea, with its roster of branches, each with different styles and themes, never fails to reprise its hallmark of being one of the daintiest and outstanding homegrown hangout spots in the city. It never fall flat through its continuous innovations and ideas. It has been the talk of the town, once again, when it opened the doors of its newest branch at Velez cor. Gaerlan St. As usual, it has redefined spaces according to creativity and sophistication. The interiors have presented a touch of retrospective Korean motifs, more quaint and clean, and less clutter. A visit to their Gazebo branch is one for the books since each corner of the place brings forward different visuals, worthy to be appreciated, both in photos and in the here and now. It doesn’t put each space into a context of simple bluntness or for the sake of being a practical estate. It has redefined space to efficiency and, most remarkably, to a work of art, where everything becomes an experience. Most of the fixtures are antique pieces while the flowers embellished where previously used from the owners’ wedding adornments. 
Alongside antiquated and pre-loved memorabilia, the staples, namely milk teas, fruit teas, and specials are must-tries . My personal favorite is the black sugar. The shop prides itself to serve authentic Taiwanese milk tea as the owner, Chingkee Motoomull, trained in Taiwan and most of the ingredients are straight out of Taiwan. Of course, sipping some teas is best paired off with some friends, giving a little spark to each day.

A well-defined space is a conception of a great mind. Beautiful spaces gives a sense of living when blues and grays tend to color one’s days. It sets our moods; it brightens the day. Most of all, when small things such as space become something that count and, we create experiences. And, these experiences are what make life is, the regard of truly living in every single moment. Thus, I’m always thankful for new spots, with the likes of the new Chingkeetea, that give me some sanity, a sense of inspiration to keep on honing my craft and endeavors. 

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