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September 2, 2018

Originally started in the United States in 1921, fast food restaurants have been unstoppable in making waves all throughout the world due to the sheer convenience they provide to almost everybody. The casual dining they provide to every customer who looks for great food on the go seems to perfectly assimilate into everyone’s hectic schedules while the typical meat-sweet menu, though very Western, conforms to everyone’s own palate and liking. Hence, they became a total hit to both regulars and first-timers. House of Fries, a homegrown hole-in-the-wall from Iligan known for attracting long lines of food hawkers, found an opportunity from this fad and carried out their own version of American-style diner experience tweaked with a Mindanaoan patina. 

Initially, we, CDOBloggers, have been informed (or shall I say have been warned) by one of our fellows about the remarkably large amount of servings the diner staggers its loyal habitu├ęs. Truth be told, it has the definite elements of what you shall expect from American fast food restaurants: good food, affordable prices, impressive menu, and big servings. Now, that’s certainly assuring quantity and quality without the lickpenny compromises! The owner devotes to such as he prefers of making  the customers crave and go back for more than basically trying the place once and then not coming back at all.

Without any hyperbole intended, all we have exclaimed with every dish they presented to us was “Wow!,” considering that indeed their servings were one-of-a-kind having the almost similar prices of meals good for one from most established fast food chains.

Their menu ranges from fries smothered with different toppings and sauces, big pieces of hamburgers and footlongs, chicken specialties, beef savories, seafood fiestas, and refreshing shakes and bingsus. Speaking of a Mindanaoan patina, they have also incorporated on their menus local fares such as sisig, kinilaw, beef rending, and adobo.

Quick Chunks

Craft Meals


Get the best food fares in the most generous servings and at the most affordable prices at House of Fries! Check the place out at Cruz Taal Street, Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City.

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