Rebels in Black and Gold

December 1, 2018

Blogging has been my creative outlet for the past year. I delight myself in telling stories through inditing compositions and through capturing moments and pieces which titillate the writer and content creator in me. And, if you have been following me since my first entries, I have been dedicated in searching and in producing contents on my own. I do it because of mere passion and fecundity. Ergo, in order to hone my craft, I signed up to become a member of the premiere blogging group in my city, the CDO Bloggers Network (CBN). It has been three months since my first event with them and it is with great pleasure to be part of their 10th year anniversary.
In line with the first Kagay-an Experience Tour, the culminating activity was CDO Bloggers’ 10th year anniversary ball, entitled Rebels in Black and Gold. It was a night of fellowship and exchange of ideas such as tracing the humble beginnings of the group, as recounted by the pioneering member, Mr. Mike Abonatilla, to its achievements and strides, as spearheaded by the current president, Ms. Maia Poblete, towards fulfilling its vision and mission, that is creating a positive change by promoting Cagayan de Oro and the rest of Mindanao as a peaceful and thriving place. 
Former representative, Hon. Rufus Rodriguez, graced the occasion by emphasizing in his capacious harangue on how bloggers, as social media influencers, shape the discussion of the most pressing issues in our society and how much is expected from us in observing truthful and unbiased delivery of facts in our own niche and in the responsible usage of social media. With such avenue and the significant followings, a blogger can incite a fad and a trend, or even hatred and fear.
Again, as a newbie in blogging, almost all of my contents are researched and made by myself, without having in mind any privileges or compensation, but with a common goal of extracting the goodness in every place or experience that I go through. I did not have a goal of awkwardly aligning myself into the pedestal of individuals who egotistically call themselves as “social media influencers.” Don’t get me wrong, but I suppose that regarding oneself as an influencer loses the essence of being called as such, just like a-person-who-labels-himself-as -humble-is-not-humble-at-all type of analogy. I was merely driven by my passion to document my wanderlust and epicurean adventures, in short my favorite things in my own perspective.

However, with the platforms we have, social media responsibility is expected from all of us into potentiating and disseminating only the right ideas into fruition. My membership to CBN is an added solicitation in finding my niche and in bettering my identity online. It is fulfilling to find like-minded and more experienced individuals who share their passion and insights which help one to develop their potentials.

With the rise of new media, blogging has become an indispensable platform in disseminating information and in influencing others. Hopefully, its cause will be furthered towards positivity and tolerance, just as how CDO Bloggers Network wants to effect camaraderie both online and offline.

This event was made possible by the following partners and sponsors: SM CDO Downtown Premier, Restaurant Damaso, Ororama Supercenter, Odyssey Airport Express, N Hotel, Emerald Suites, 1A Express Hotel, StreetBy, and the rest of the restaurants and caf├ęs we visited for three days.

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