Perfect Pairings

December 15, 2018

The best things in life come in pairs: an engaging book on a languorous weekend, a bar of brownie or butterscotch topped with a luscious helping of sundae, a breathtaking view with the people you value the most, or a cup of caffeinated sip and a slice of intricately layered cake. Life’s wonders indeed become extra special when in twos (It takes two to tango, right?). Such good pairings come in handy now, thanks to cake and pastry shops that also serve coffee or tea that greatly complement each spectacle on the table. Sharmaine’s Cakes and Pastries definitely knows how to harness its delectable baked offerings and its cravings-quenching refreshments.
It is certainly a glee to every sweet tooth, like me, to welcome a shop that does not just boast a visually pleasing ambiance, but morsels that are all right dainty as well. As a self-proclaimed sucker for saccharine and coffee finds, I like my desserts well-balanced, that is, each ingredient should work in harmony with the others, rather than an overpowering one which tends to distract the diner or to become sated with the extreme sweetness (In Filipino, we call it “umay”).

Sharmaine’s Cakes and Pastries got the perfect balance of all the ingredients that it tries to put together, may it be from fruits, the frosting, or the base. The cakes that we tried were not too sweet, yet, not to a point of insipidness.   Added to that is the freshness of each baked good. These, in turn, work well like a seamless combo, with its variety of coffees, blended drinks, teas, and refreshments. Available on its menu are espresso, cappuccino, caramel macchiato, Spanish latte, Belgian hot chocolate, shakes and smoothies, hot teas, iced teas, lemonades, among others.
Blueberry Cheesecake. A scrumptious symphony of graham cracker crumbs on the base, a dominating layer of cream cheese that is light in the mouth, and a topping of blueberry spread, giving a tangy hint on the treat. 
Carrot Cheesecake. Instead of graham cracker crumbs as base, a carrot cake is used to elaborate a subtle approach on a classic confection. Meanwhile, the softly delish cream cheese layer is topped with nuts.
Dark Chocolate Cake. Alternating layers of sumptuous dark chocolate ganache and fluffy and moist chocolate cake. Surely, a hit to every avid customers that frequent the place.
Spanish Latte. Their best-selling combination of strong espresso and textured hot milk. 
Hazelnut Mocha Latte. A sweet concoction of a delighting hazelnut, a tad of mocha, and the robust coffee.
Matcha. The bittersweet goodness of matcha tea powder and warm milk blended to perfection.

Perfect pairings bring out happiness in every slice and in every sip. A sweet tooth’s glee is never the same without the impeccable interaction of a treat’s inextricable features. Experience perfect pairings at Sharmaine’s Cakes and Pastries, located at Antonio Luna Street, Cagayan de Oro.

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