Better Days are Coming

January 10, 2019

It’s the New Year! Visions for oneself and for the people we cherish take precedence into our own introspections of the years that have been and of the year that will come. It’s that time of the year again when updating our bucket lists and wording our putatively life-changing resolutions primarily sets in our whims. But, then again, life ne’er go as planned. No matter how one may envisage a perfect life and scrupulously planning it in detail, fate guilefully takes its own course. I suppose that how our existence becomes both inspiring and exciting. It is in the uncertainty that we endure as blank slates open for the best possibilities in life.
One way or another, 2018 has been a great year for me. I have always been in utter gratitude to be given with a lot of opportunities to both hone and humble myself. First of which was graduating from college with a degree in nursing. It was enough benison in a country where higher education is a privilege more than a right. Second, in just one and half month of arduous intensive review, I was able to pass the licensure examination, rightfully earning that RN post-nominal letters and, to my surprise, ranking second in the whole country as a consolation last June. It is indeed heart-warming to be an inspiration to other people in giving all their best for the best while still preparing for the worst. Honestly, I was expecting a low rating for the board exam. I have always been pessimistic, in a sense where I consider and expect every possible outcomes of my action or decision. In that way, I would be completely joyous if it turns out all well, while less disappointed if turns the other way around. For instance, in the board exam, my ultimate goal was to land on the top-notcher list even on the lower half, yet, I still did not rule out the likelihood of not passing it. You may call it low self-esteem, I call it preparation.

2018 was an almost perfect chapter of my ongoing quest in life. However, fate seems to not have “perfect” in its vocabulary. The rough waters always have their role. Challenges and hurdles have, as well, masquerading to become a spoiler to my achievements, often meandering through existentialist curiosities as “the you-are-not-good-enough type of mentality.” What’s more disheartening is that the people whom I admired and trusted the most have let me experience this harsh reality. At some point, it had degraded my success into somewhat half-baked. However, I must say the disparaging, stormy days were made to help us appreciate the blissful, sunny days to come. In the end, life is all about dispositions and outlooks. Optimism is necessary for not just mere survival but also for the sustenance of what a good life is.
Just like this mezzanine corner in the SM CDO Downtown Premier branch of Sunnies Specs Optical, optimism can be resonated from anywhere. You just need to unravel it yourself. The idea of better days and even a better life is both individual and relative. What is best for one may turn out the worst for the other. For me, dash of blissful colors and a hint of caffeine are enough to keep me on track and to uplift me from the downside. Coffee shops, like Cup Point, brighten up my days.

You might be sailing through some rough waters now, but believe me, your are not alone. It’s not some kind of notion of comparing that others have have heavier loads. It’s the fact that at some point, a purpose is in store for you. And, it starts with you, rooting and betting for yourself. Better days are coming. Claim it!

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