Shaping the Era of the New Media

April 13, 2019

The new media is regarded as a more interactive and a more flexible form of communication outlet that primarily capitalize on the Internet and computing as an efficient and effective tool in information dissemination and consumerism. Now, everyone can read his daily digests, connect with the other side of the world, shop anytime and anywhere, update with the latest fads and trends, and be influenced by the sociopolitical landscape in just one click. Interesting enough, the eminent driving forces, with the likes of bloggers, vloggers, and content creators, are consequently called the new breed of “influencers.” With this, brands are now more compelled to shift their marketing strategies to content development and brand architecture in collaboration with the content creators of the new media.
With these emerging demands, Starpod PH, the Explorer’s Channel, Limketkai Center, Vivo Smart Phone, and the Professional Organizers Unlimited, Inc. created the concept behind CDO Blog Con 2019. This blogging convention aims to develop aspiring bloggers and vloggers in honing their respective crafts and to help them jump-start their career with the necessary tools and resources. Resource speakers from Cagayan de Oro and Metro Manila headlined the event to engage with the aspiring bloggers and vloggers, sharing their expert and empirical insights from the basics of blogging and vlogging, online content development, SNS optimization, and SEO management, to photography and videography.
Indeed, online content creation, may it be personally sanctioned or commissioned by brands, should not be done through mere whims and fancies. They should be deliberately prepared in a sense that even a 20-second video which features spontaneity should still be subject to quality control, as social media etiquette and the principle of quality over quantity are illustrious above all. Nevertheless, we can only share what we have and share how we want people to perceive us. Even though I am from far from being at the “influencer” level, if someone really wants to leave a mark or to make a name for oneself in the industry, it is important to offer something that makes you stand out from the rest, especially that platforms are already saturated with contents, which are at many angles similar to one another. Most of the time the authenticity and relatability of yourself and your contents to subscribers or followers would really drive them to you. People will follow you if you stir their interests, if you make them engaged as if just chatting vis-à-vis, and if they think you are worth their time. Unique, quality content is the key. As Chukie Dreyfus emphasized, “Be the blogger you want to read.”  

The Speakers

Content creation is not a mere walk in the park. It requires skills and resources if one ought to deliver quality content. I consider it as an art form. Just like any other forms of art, it is practiced with commitment and discipline. With invaluable insights from keynote speakers from Cagayan de Oro and Metro Manila, aspiring bloggers and vloggers were introduced to the ideas of how to think, act, and engage like content creators do.
Chuckie Dreyfus of on Blogging Fundamentals and Online Content Development
Clement Dampal of on Photography for Bloggers
Richard Paglicawan of on Vlogging and Video Content and Story Development
Atoy Martinez of on Videography for Vloggers and Youtubers
Kaycee Enerva of on Influencer Blogging, SNS Optimization, and SNS Management (Photo courtesy of Paul Miki Sajulla)

The Brands

Eclipsing the heated contretemps of so-called entitlement of influencers, a commendable initiative by this blog convention is connecting aspiring bloggers and vloggers to various brands, with each brand showcasing its product exhibits. It fosters the understanding of brands on how social media platforms and content creators can become assets in optimizing their marketing strategy and online presence. It also jump-starts the camaraderie and relationship between brands and content creators for future collaborations at some point in time. After all, no matter how entry-level you are, brands will tap you if they trust your work and abilities. Everyone starts from small beginnings, right?

The new media is one of the many upshots, resultant of the continuous emergence of different consumer markets and the posthaste development of the needs of the public. Certainly, change is the only constant thing in the industry. The traditional means may not be entirely disregarded. However, with the incipiency of new methods, a complementary and synergistic usage between them becomes a proactive symbol that, indeed, our novel means of communication and consumerism do change for the better.

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